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The Political Adviser’s Handbook

International efforts to resolve armed conflicts and crises have become more ambitious in recent years. Today, more than a quarter of a million military and civilian personnel are deployed in peace operations and political missions around the world.

These missions have become increasingly involved in the political dimension of conflicts. Tasks such as providing good offices, mediating between conflict parties, supporting peace negotiations, and facilitating political processes are often essential to resolving conflicts and creating sustainable peace. That is why the political affairs function is central to today’s missions.

The Political Adviser’s Handbook is a practical guide for political advisers and political affairs officers working with conflicts and crisis management. It includes concrete advice on how to carry out the core tasks of political affairs: analysing politics and conflicts, writing reports, political dialogue, diplomacy, writing speeches, negotiating and mediating.

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The Author

Fredrik Wesslau, is currently seconded by the Folke Bernadotte Academy as a political adviser to EUCAP Nestor. He has previously worked as a political adviser and political affairs officer for the EU, UN, and OSCE.

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